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Every Bag Is  | 2020

Various Trash, Letters

This project is an attempt to exploit the preservation qualities of landfills and is inspired by Dr. William Rathje's work into landfill archeology and Dr. Jenna Jambeck's solid waste research. The project consists of including letters to future researchers in bags of domestic trash. The letter is available for download and inclusion in the waste of others. Viewers can track the progress of trash on Instagram @Every_Bag_Is and are invited to post thier own images using the hashtag #everybagis.

Text of the Letter:

Every Bag is a Time Capsule


Dear Future Archaeologist


You have found a letter that was included with waste in the early 21st century. The items discarded with this letter are considered to no longer have value and are being sent off for disposal. The garbage was collected inside buildings via plastic lined bins. Once the bins were filled the bags were removed and collected by a system of trucks and human workers and taken to landfills. Recyclable items such as paper and various plastics were separated and sent for processing in separate bins. 


I hope this helps you to decipher what has happened here.



Sarah Knudtson, Artist



Method of Disposal:



Other Information: 

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