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Sarah Knudtson



As an artist, my work addresses anxiety, excess, cultural memory and involves investigating history, personal experience, and information overload. The research that forms the basis of my work begins on the internet, delving into leftover fragments of the information age; broken links, archives, and long-dead chat rooms. I use the information gained from the internet as a catalyst for site visits, material exploration, and further research that soon collapses with my own memories, history, and complicity. The outcome is collections of works that question how information is perceived and presented.

The work physically addresses the questions of memory and information anxiety through the language of tourism and the creation and re-purposing of items such as photographs, souvenirs, sounds, maps, and journals. The resulting accumulations are presented en masse and exist in the space between a personal archive and a display at a roadside museum.


Sarah Knudtson is a teaching artist, whose work revolves around the ideas of anxiety and excess. She explores these ideas with the language of tourism, creating and re-purposing items such as photographs, souvenirs, sounds, maps, and journals.


She holds both a BFA (Studio Art) and MFA (Art & Technology) from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Currently, she is currently working towards an MS in Information at the University of Florida.

She lives in West Palm Beach, Florida with her partner Stephen Germana and their cat Meep.

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