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Loxahatchee | 2012 -14


Built in 1987 the Jonathan Dickinson Missile Tracking Annex (JDMTA) is part of the Eastern Range, which tracks missile and rocket launches. Located within Jonathan Dickinson State Park, JDMTA is divided into areas. The first, a radar dish array is located a half mile from the entrance to Camp Welaka Girl Scout Camp and the second (shown here) is the home to a large radio tower. The cleared land surrounding the tower has a circumference of just under a mile. The Loxahatchee River flows through the park, connecting north and south Palm Beach County. The mouth of the river is the continously dredged Jupiter Inlet and its historic beginnings are to be found in Grassy Waters Preserve.

Loxahatchee: A Wild & Scenic River
Camp Murphy
Grassy Waters I
Grassy Waters: Screen Shot
Grassy Waters II
Controlled Burn
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