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Slumber Party Abduction | 2020

15 Track CD & Eco-wallet

Software: GQRX - SDR, Garage Band Hardware: P-SB7 Spirit Box, Rtl-sdr, Behringer Crave, SX-150 Matrix 2 Mastered By: Stephen Germana at Mild Hyperbole

Inspired by the games and stories little girls play at slumber parties to communicate with spirits/the unseen in contrast to aggressive adult ghost/alien hunting.

Listen/Download and/or purchase the CD on Band Camp.

It was a dark and stormy night, much like this one, when the little girls gathered on the living room carpet and tried to raise the dead. The radio zapped in and out warning of a deranged hook handed extraterrestrial on the loose. Out of abundance of precaution the girls called upon their guardian with the alligator purse, who declared them all dead and went out as quickly as she came. The face in the window laughed and just like that it was time for bed.

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