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Created for Thinking Outside the [cardboard] Box, The Resource Depot GalleRe, West Palm Beach, FL

Reliquary: Found/Reused Materials: Box, May 1962 National Geographic, Astro Turf, White Paint, Copper Paint & Patina New Materials: Imitation Gold Leaf Kit (Copper & Zinc) & Gorilla Glue Landfill: Found/Reused Materials: Glass Jar, Dirt from Tomato Garden, Plastic Bag, Oyster Shells, 1983 US Penny, Aloe Pup, Cotton Tampon, & Clay (oat flour, salt, water)

The summer of 2019 I began to research the global trash trade and was struck by two facts:


Landfills preserve items.




In 1982 the United States government bought 4 million pounds of zinc from Huron Valley Steel to use in the production of its first non-copper pennies. That zinc was reclaimed from the chrome of scrapped cars dating from the 1950s and 1960s. 


This box is a reflection of those ideas.

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