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Drive in Open Screen

I'm very excited to have my video work SSRI Seance included in the first Mix of Drive in Open Screen at the Taos Center for the Arts (TCA) on March 11th.

From the TCA website:

Drive in Open Screen Digital Media Arts projects from Taos and beyond

Let’s share digital art projects on the back wall of TCA! After a long time working independently, this is a chance for artists to share work. Programs include: Short films, visual/ projection art, animation projects, music videos, documentary, works in progress and more!

Mix (1) Projects

Neil Blank | Round and round Bud Branch | Taos Canyon Snow Tour Makayla Cleaveland | Remembrance

Nicole Cobb | Athanasia's Waltz Johanna DeBiase | When They Came for Us Daniel Falconer | Grapefruit Judith Hetem | To All The Dogs I've Loved Before Sarah Knudtson | SSRI Seance

Kathleen Martin w/ Academy of Performing Arts | A Pledge

Natalie Martinez w/ Morgan Barnard | Pink Swirls

TISA w/ Morgan Barnard | Light Experiment Project UNM Taos | Unsung Heroes - Luzita Trujillo Kendrick Whiteman | Sleepwalker Jordan Wax + Tanya Nuñez (of Lone Piñon) | Mantequilla


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