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Radical Jewelry Makeover

I had the honor of taking a class with Maria at Resource Depot and learning about the RJM project, a few pieces I created are now in the exhibition.

Led by Maria Tritico, Lighthouse ArtCenter combined forces with Armory Art Center and Resource Depot to collect discarded jewelry and coordinate an army of artists who created the unique pieces you see here in our Radical Jewelry Makeover (RJM) exhibition.

RJM is the collaborative effort of Ethical Metalsmiths to bring awareness to recycled metals and gemstones by uniting donors with makers and the market.

Maria Tritico’s life ended on December 7, 2020. She was the Director of Education at Lighthouse ArtCenter, a talented metalsmith, a devoted art therapist, and a beloved instructor. Lighthouse ArtCenter offers our deep gratitude to the Armory Art

Center, Resource Depot, Ethical Metalsmiths, and all of the donors and makers who gave their materials, talent, and time to this once in a lifetime exhibition.


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